GFC Chemical Company, Inc.
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commercial water-based cleaner/degreaser products
Manufacturers of ML-100-006 and Real Kleen -- water-based cleaner/degreasers.  Both product lines comply will all applicable US EPA requirements.  ML-100-006 complies with all U.S. Army environmental standards.

Available in 5 gallon pails and 55 gallon drums.  Tote-tanks shipment upon request.  Both product lines are available in ready-to-use and super-concentrate strengths. 

Save on transportation costs:  Buy pails instead of drums of product.  Do the dilution with water yourself.  One 5 gallon pail yields one 55 gallon drum of ready-to-use upon dilution.  Super-concentrate is diluted with de-mineralized water (10 to 1) to yield ready-to-use strength.

A blending station to convert super-concentrate to ready-to-use is available for purchase.  It makes for convenience of mixing.
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